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It all started off when somewhere we (as the people) were looking for affordable quality (loosely termed: one-who-likes things-but-lives-on-a- budget) because everything bought noticeably lasted about a month (which is arguable really - generally a tear is seen as soon as it is put on) if used once. It has become quite terrible how we just accept this now. As a generation that has chosen quantity over quality, I quite sympathize. We generally don't have the luxury of making comments such as, "Oh, this is back on the market now and they are calling it vintage!"  The argument is that at the time quantity mattered over quality and we have had different reasons why this seemed like a good idea (between protests of unusable but expensive items and budgeting, one quite loses the plot).

As the search began, it was strikingly clear that affordable quality is truly possible if one budgeted well for it. Of course, if there are funds readily available, that means one has made a real bargain for something really special. It does not matter what commodity is chosen; it is important to work with a source that is creditable as well as reliable, that seeks to give expertise and direction to lasting products. This is our passion!

Feeling exhilarated by such discoveries, one felt that this passion could be shared with family, friends, colleagues and whoever was interested. The interest quickly grew and could be share with others and now we serve beyond our borders.

With growth came maturity and a desire to do more, thus the hope of expansion to even more incredible ventures that will also improve lives and pockets.