This division is multi-level trading dealing with a diversity of commodities.  We make sure that worldwide products in motion go through verified gateways that are trackable and dependable to for clients.  Whether your treasures are being imported or exported, we are happy to help and look forward to giving you our expertise. 


The Petroleum division of Global Palatable Trading seeks to provide exceptionalism in petroleum wholesale applying highly skilled personal coupled with innovative technology towards every query. We are also registered with the Department of Minerals, Resource and Energy (DMRE). In moving with the times, we make exceptional efforts in looking after the environment in our distribution and supply endeavours while keeping business transactions ethical.  Contact us with your requests, we look forward to assisting you. We also supply HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE virgin and recycled plastic granules.


We supply products from tools to chemicals, also offering different commodities nationally and internationally. Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you.